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Underfloor Insulation

As part of the ECO4 scheme, you could receive free Underfloor Insulation. Here are some key details about Underfloor Insulation, how it can both help to make your home warmer and to reduce your energy bills.

Why choose Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is a great way to keep your property warm – approximately 15% of heat lost from homes is lost through the ground floor. The great news is that it could even be free under the ECO4 scheme. ECO4 Home Grant are well equipped to help you take advantage of these schemes so fill in our super quick enquiry form to see what is available for you to save money and help reduce your impact on the planet. 

What are the benefits of UFI and how much can you save 

  • save up to £85 a year depending on your property 
  • reduce draughts 
  • make your home warmer 
  • Help the planet – Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy to heat your home 

Watch this short video from the Energy Saving Trust.

Does my home need Underfloor Insulation

The first thing you need to understand is whether your home is suitable for underfloor insulation. This depends upon the kind of floors you have in your home: – 

  • Older home with suspended floors – these generally lose the most heat
  • Solid (concrete) floors – these can be insulated but it can be very costly and requires considerable work 
  • Modern houses – these tend to incorporate slabs of polystyrene insulation a few inches below the concrete floor surface, effectively reducing this type of heat loss. 

Whatever your home, there’s still some kind of measure you can take to insulate your floor.

What heat is lost through floors

As the above diagram shows, a poorly insulated house can lose upto 15% of its heat through the floors. Depending on the size and type of your house, you could save upto £75 per year (source Energy Savings Trust)

What underfloor insulation do we install

Our dedicated in house underfloor insulation team use Earthwool OmniFit Rolls. These are non-combustible Glass Mineral Wool rolls, manufactured using revolutionary ECOSE® Technology, designed for use in multiple applications to allow flexibility across a range of projects. 


  • Higher level of thermal performance than alternative available Rock Mineral Wool rolls and standard loft rolls 
  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire 

Please check out the Knauf website for more details on this product. 

What underfloor insulation do we install

Generally, the installation is done from the underfloor area. The installer will enter the underfloor access hatch and check to see if all areas can be accessed. Once all areas have been assessed by the team, the OmitFit Earthwool insulation is inserted between each joist and pinned in place with netting by our in house installation team. All accessible areas will be insulated. 

The installer may need to remove some floor coverings, if the floor is laminate then removing it may cause damage as laminate is not designed to be reused. Carpet can be easily removed and refitted. 

A large percent of properties have been built with a very limited underfloor depth. If this is the case the only acceptable way to install this product is to carefully remove the floor covering i.e. Carpets, laminate and every 800 – 1000mm lift a single floorboard from wall to wall and the product will be put in place and netted in sections. This process will be repeated for each room that doesn’t have a sufficient underfloor depth for a person to crawl. Once the areas have been installed the floor covering are carefully put back in the original position.

How long does it take to install Underfloor Insulation

Our experienced underfloor installation team will usually take between 1-4 days depending on the property size.

Is the work guaranteed?

All our underfloor insulation installs come with a 25 year guarantee which is provided by GDGC. The guarantee is provided by a third party because if an installation company should stop trading then the guarantee is still protected.